Building or Remodeling a Kitchen?

Your kitchen isn’t just a space where meals are prepared — it’s where family comes together. With how much time we spend in the kitchen, it’s critical that we absolutely adore it. At Mountaineer Kitchens and Baths, we provide kitchen design and remodel services, guiding Berkley County clients throughout each step of the process. Visit our showroom in Martinsburg, WV, to get your ideas percolating!
New kitchen remodel by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths

New Construction

If you’re building your dream home from the ground up, you need a dream kitchen! Our reliable, highly skilled contractors are here to exceed your expectations — creating floor plans and installing everything from materials and fixtures to lighting schemes with ultimate expertise.

Kitchen Renovation by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths


A remodel is an opportunity to redo any part of your home you’ve become dissatisfied with over the years. If you realize your kitchen could use a little reinvention, you can rely on our experts to bring your wishes to life. Once we get a feel for your space, we’ll determine if a galley, L-shaped, or U-shaped layout would complement your home and your desires best.

Ideal Kitchen designs by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths


Creating your ideal kitchen begins with pinpointing the exact style you’d like to showcase. At Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths, we carry an extensive selection of products and carry excellent industry experience to bring shape to any concept you’d like to create. Some examples of kitchen styles we design include:

Cabinets and Countertops installed by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths

Cabinets & Countertops

Your kitchen cabinets and countertops can be the first fixture new guests notice when visiting your home. Depending on your budget needs, we’re happy to create semi-custom cabinets or go with a more traditional look.

What Are the Most Popular Countertop Materials?

  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Wood
  • Solid Surface Materials
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Concrete Slabs
Cabinets and Countertops installed by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths
Remodeled kitchen by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths
Kitchen Work by Mountaineer Kitchens & Baths

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